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Cabinet Painting & Cabinet Refinishing - Our process

Waite Painting & Cabinet Refinishing has spent more than a decade perfecting our cabinet refinishing process. Some people refer to this as cabinet painting and it is essentially the same thing. True cabinet refinishing is more than simply painting over the existing finish.

Our attention to detail won’t go unnoticed, we guarantee it. In fact, we strongly believe that is what sets us apart as a Sylvania cabinet refinishing company from other companies. We have a true passion for great craftsmanship and completely thrilling all of our clients.

The first step of your cabinet refinishing project involves an inspection. During this time, we’ll take measurements and check the integrity of the cabinets. We can help you with figuring out what color(s) to choose from to ensure you are absolutely thrilled with the end result of your cabinet refinishing project. 

Before any painting or cabinet refinishing is done, we remove all of the doors and drawers. The distinct difference between a novice cabinet refinishing company and a professional cabinet refinishing company can come down to details such as removing the doors and drawers.

A common mistake many homeowners and DIY’ers make is leaving them in place when they paint or refinish themselves. We remove the doors and drawer fronts and either use a specially-made rack to hold the doors while we’re working, or take them off-site to our cabinet spray shop for spraying. This way, you’re guaranteed a smooth, professional finish on BOTH sides of your cabinet doors.

We cover everything that won’t get painted – countertops, backsplash, appliances, floors – with either masking paper or plastic. If we’re not painting the insides of your cabinets, we tape paper or plastic over the openings where your doors and drawers go, protecting the insides from any overspray. Per your request, we can “tent off” your kitchen with vapor-barrier plastic, to contain any dust or odors while we’re spraying. We can put in zippered walk-through openings in the plastic “walls”, so you can still enter your kitchen when we’re not working, and access your refrigerator, sink, and pantry.

It is a pretty known fact that cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets can get pretty beat up. They may not be damaged but there can be dirt, grime, and grease that would affect the final results. We take the time to properly clean and prep all of your cabinets, doors, and drawers for a phenomenal cabinet refinishing result.  

One of the biggest mistakes amateur and DIY’ers make is not priming for a beautiful cabinet refinishing. We should note that not all primers are the same. Depending on the type of wood your cabinets are made of will determine the type of primer we use.

If your cabinet painting project features hickory, oaks, or any heavy grained type of wood. We use a heavy body primer that fills around 95% of the grain for a smooth finish. If you’re wanting the wood’s texture to peak through, we would use a less bodied primer so we can get that affect.

We inspect the cabinets for any imperfections and address them after priming. Priming not only ensures a beautiful end result but allows us to see those imperfections so we can make sure everything is perfect. Many times, we will do a round of sanding and a second primer coat as well. 

All of the hard work that goes into getting your cabinets ready for color allows this part of the process to go more quickly. You can be completely confident that your cabinets are just how you envisioned them.

Since we take the time to do your cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing right, it is rare that more than one coat of color needs to happen. The final result is just as great as putting in new cabinets but a great savings to you.

We believe this is the most satisfying part of our cabinet refinishing process.

We are very meticulous about ensuring there isn’t a big mess left behind and a lot of prep work helps to make that a reality. We take pride in having a clean and safe project area.

We will remove all protective barriers such as plastic and masking paper. We carefully reassemble all of your cabinet doors and drawers. Now it is time to love and use your “new to you” cabinets.


We are excited to announce that we can have custom maple doors made to replace your old worn out cabinet doors. Our custom maple doors can be made to give your cabinets the look that you want. We have a variety of styles to choose from and of course we can paint them to match your cabinets. This option is perfect to update the look of your cabinets without completely replacing them. It is also a wonderful option for cabinet doors that are beyond repair and re-painting. 

We work with Residential & Commercial clients

Cabinet Painting & refinishing isn't just for homes

Our commercial cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing service in Sylvania Ohio can freshen up your office space. Replacing cabinets and other wood office furniture can be extremely expensive. However, painting and refinishing can provide a whole new look with the same great functionality that you’re used to.

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Why You need cabinet refinishing in Sylvania Ohio

Professional cabinet refinishing can save you thousands compared to the cost of replacing your cabinets. Here at Waite Painting & Cabinet Refinishing, our goal is to provide great service and craftsmanship at an affordable price. 

  • estimates are always free
  • our work is always guaranteed
  • we are a locally owned company
  • cost effective option

We do a lot more

professional painting company in Sylvania Ohio

While cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing are our specialties. We provide all professional painting services in Sylvania Ohio. We have more than a decade of professional painting service serving Sylvania Ohio. We also offer exterior washing and power washing.

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